Monday, 26 August 2019


This is my full presentation delivered at New Horizons in St. Annes, near Blackpool, England, on 17th June 2019. Huge thanks to Alex Williams for an outstanding job on the video editing and production.

The original promotional blurb for this presentation is as follows:

Were the Beatles really four regular lads from Liverpool who, against all the odds, just happened to become the most popular and influential group of all time? Or is there more to know about how they achieved their fame, and what their ultimate role really was at the hands of the occult practitioners who control the corporate music industry?

On that note, one of the most enduring 'conspiracy theories' maintains that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor who has been playing the public role ever since. Preposterous as this may at first sound, there is actually multiple forensic evidence to show that, whatever the circumstances, there has been more than one ‘Paul McCartney’ presented to the public these past few decades. 

Mark Devlin, whose books Musical Truth Volumes 1 and 2 document the dark side of the music industry, will present the evidence for a switch, and consider the circumstances in which this could have been achieved.

NOTE - two video items had to be removed in order for this upload to be accepted and to get around YouTube’s “copyright” dictates, (even though both, curiously, appear elsewhere on YouTube.)

Freddie Lennon’s ‘That’s My Life’ single can be heard here:

Josh Reeves’ analysis of the two out-takes from the ‘Imagine’ movie can be seen here:

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