Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Returning to the series is the proprietor of illuminatiwatcher.com, researcher, author and broadcaster Issac Weishaupt.

We get into many of the social engineering agendas currently being rolled out in the contemporary hip-hop genre. Those who aren’t fans of this music, (and, given its current, degraded state, who can blame them,) shouldn’t switch off, however, because this scene stands as a contemporary microcosm of what’s being applied to society generally, all with the intention of coercing the masses into adopting certain mindsets, and steering culture off into pre-planned directions.

By blindly acquiescing, we give the controllers exactly what they want; by thinking for ourselves and asserting our free will, we cause them major setbacks.

We cover the many Elephants in the Room when it comes to this genre - things that should be obvious causes for concern, but which aren’t talked about because of the way the hive mind has been entrained.

These include the homosexualisation of hip-hop, its place within the systematic transgender agenda, its embracing of Transhumanism and occult themes, the death of Mobb Deep frontman Prodigy earlier this year, the recent erratic behaviours of Kanye West, and the sexual abuse allegations towards one of the culture’s pioneering founders, Afrika Bambaataa. Why the blanket of silence when it comes to media coverage of this important subject?

Listen to "GVP#118 - Isaac Weishaupt - Hip-Hop's Elephants in the Room" on Spreaker.

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